Nyashinski – Malaika

Nyashinski is balance, he’s structure, and rhythm, with plenty of musical and metaphysical significance—he seems more attracted to the general idea than the specifics. Clichés persist for a reason, after all: they can be incredibly effective. His mix of secular and spiritual soul has taken him far ever since his come back. But on “The two sides of Nyashinski” he pushes beyond his comfort zone for something a bit more ambitious.

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Nyashinski – Aminia

On its face, “Aminia” sounds like the banger, the club track, the drinking song. You know, the hit. The one where we’re allowed to take a nip out of the flask in the back of the church and let the devil in—if only for a little while. And it is all those things: It would be blasphemous if  “Aminia” did not blare from stereos and cars and earbuds and boom boxes throughout the country. As the beat thumps down at an inebriating tempo, Nyash eyes the expanse of fame in front of him with an arched brow. He rebuffs would-be hangers-on. He gives opportunistic “lyricists” the ice grill on the intro. “wanajiita lyricist kwa hizi interviews na Mimi tu ndio nimetoa lyric video ikahit a million views “…he raps.

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Platinum 7D Lounge presents “Electric Friday” with DJ Bash.

There are trendier, more youthful dance clubs all over Nakuru town. But straight up, if you want to party like “nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner” type of party, do yourself a favour and go to Platinum 7D Lounge Nakuru on the 19 th of May.

Electric Friday is what it’s going to be with DJ Bash on the decks .We all know there’s no party like a DJ Bash Party. Whatever music it is that gets you turnt, he’s got you. Count Your Friday party check list covered, but with what exactly? A wide variety of watered down alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, sheesha, great music and a topping of the most diverse crowd with an amazing ambience. What more could you ask for?

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“Game On” with DJ Bash At The Space Lounge & Grill.

Nairobi is rightfully known for its nightlife during the weekend. Whether that means sophisticated cocktail dens, friendly dive bars or bottle-service-only dance clubs, the City’s after-dark entertainment is just as electrifying as ever. When it comes to a one-of-a-kind lounge, Space Lounge and Grill makes the top cut for a great night experience. Looking to offer you a perfect start for your weekend: Located along Ngong Road Opposite Prestige Plaza, Space Lounge will be hosting the Number One Party DJ, DJ Bash this Friday, (March 12th) for the “Game On” edition.

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