Khaligraph Jones – Mask Off (Toa Tint)

​Being the country’s trendiest rapper , what do you do when you’re being subjected to skin lightening accusations ? Well, If you’re Khaligraph Jones , you come back with a song that limitlessly approaches every aspect of surprise with a wink ,mad attitude ,confidence and a sly smile.

Over the slinky, melodic, chord-driven Future “mask off” sample production that seems explicitly designed for a slow clap back track :Khaligraph Jones decides to grab the spotlight from the haters, focus it on himself and drop his two cents regarding the hiatus .

“Toa Tint ” the new track by the OG has transcended its trappings . Khali smartly peppers the joint with bars like……”toa tint ,Khali ametoa tint (is you serious)” mask off he got that mask off……”// ..he told me that shit got consequences ,so better be ready for some action ….//” ..This much you certainly didn’t see coming .He smartly weaves words to up his defense against anyone who thought they would ride the band wagon to his career shame .

His lyrical game is commendable ,his delivery :it makes him sound like a Marines recruit who is always ready to drop and give 50 because he expects the order at any second .His verses are lean, ferocious, and taut. Here, he sounds like a cocky young rap star: shouting out his haters, joking about bleaching his ass as well as his two packs, flipping words on bloggers and effortlessly bringing to birth a country wide trending sound .

It’s the first Khali song to sound like a victory lap instead of a wind sprint without putting much effort .This is not that Khali from four years ago, happy to merely stand next to other rappers. He definitely is surveying a new level of fame . The irresistible vybe from this track over spells it all out .

His career is definately experiencing another resurgence, counting as the past over 100th time the Kenyan rapper has come to some sort of public prominence .
Truth be told ,Khali is a murderously intense rapper.

Tint or not ,Bleaching or Make up ,lighting or whatever else the case might be ,I promise ya’all if you listen to this song ,you gone be on team Khaligraph all the way .

It’s his moment and he holds all the tricks .

The song’s conclusion ,especially where he takes shots at Octo”alafu nyinyi ma-rappers msicheze na mimi ,ntawapiga vibaya sana ,sana sana wewe umeisha fashion wewe ,unajijua ,hautajwi Leo”…..This part had me laughing on the ground ..the attitude in which he just puts it out “lol”.

I can just imagine his grinn when he was writing that part .

This is not only a dope song ,but a smart move ,a rapper aiming at the top .


Listen on the link below,let me know how you feel about it on the comment section,share it ,like it ,vybe to it .