Fena - Doing Her Thing

Fena Gitu – Doing Her Thing Tho

Fena Gitu is back with a bang! The first half of the year has seen Fena top charts with hit singles such as “Sema Ng’we”, “Kama Kawaida” and “Party Nation” featuring The Squad, as well as hosting her own concert, “Fena Unplugged” ;proving that indeed this is her year to dominate the charts.

Blessing us yet again with rich vocals, witty lyrics and a killer beat to match, “Doing Her Thing Tho” is a celebration of women’s tenacity, resilience, hard work and ambition; all the qualities of a Fenamenal Woman! It also provokes women to be bold, unapologetic and own their space. “For every woman out there dedicated to their grind”.
Fena mentions notable Kenyan personalities such as Edith Kimani, Victoria Kimani, Lupita Nyong’o and Victoria Rubadiri as a representation of admirable women in our society. She also makes a cheeky reference to Huddah Monroe, who despite the controversy that seems to follow her has managed to build a strong brand with a sharp business acumen, least bothered by haters and nay-sayers.
Fena Gitu hopes that this song will be a ladies’ anthem in the continent; a daily affirmation that they are unstoppable go-getters. That they are Fenamenal women. The audio is produced by iLogosMusic, and the visuals directed by DJ Briizy, proudly sponsored by Marini Naturals, Pauline Cosmetics and SukiMakeupAfrica. Fena Gitu is also a brand ambassador for Denri Africa, a trendy line of luxury bags Made in Kenya.
Check out the video below.