Avril ft. A Pass – Babiee

Singer Avril hasreleased her latest single Babiee featuring Ugandan Regea Dancehall artiste, A Pass. Babiee is an upbeat feel good song that gets your head bopping.

“Saint P and i came up with the song when we were jamming in studio and thought it would be a really great song,” says Avril

“The song was a different concept and it was something I wanted to do. When the song was presented to me I liked it and I felt like I could jump on it,” says A Pass.

This is the first time that Avril and A Pass are working on a project together.

” I was so humbled to work with Avril and her whole team. It was amazing. It is amazing how music works, you don’t know someone they don’t know you but they know your music and like what you do and you happen to like what they do as well. It was a very good project to do, I give thanks.” says A Pass.
“Working with A Pass was amazing. His work ethic and great spirit just made everything work so well. I am humbled to have worked on a song with him,” says Avril. 
The two artistes have not ruled out working on another project together in the near future.
Babiee was produced by Saint P and the video was directed by J Blessing.
Watch the video below and let me know what you think.